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peshrlogo.jpg - 4326 BytesPacific Energy Solutions(PES) is one of North Americas leading suppliers of Industrial and Commercial T5 Fluorescent Cold Storage lighting and Food Grade lighting Fixtures. Combined with our partnered manufacturer, PES has developed proprietary, innovative, and cost effective lighting and design solutions for commercial freezers, refrigeration, food processing and distribution facilities. Upgrading your freezer lighting and refrigeration lighting using our Arcticlite T5 cold storage fixtures will likely deliver the highest percentage of energy reduction than any other facility upgrade you can make. If you are seriously considering a lighting upgrade for your facility, we urge you to explore our site and discover why PES should be your only choice for a high performance T5 fluorescent lighting system...

Substantial Energy and Heat Reduction

Dreyers Ice Cream Freezer Our Arcticlite cold storage lighting systems deliver substantial energy savings. If your facility currently uses 250-watt, 400-watt, 1000-watt metal halides or high pressure sodium (HID) fixtures. Switching to our Arcticlite fixtures will typically result in a 50% energy reduction in freezer applications and potentially higher savings in refers, production, and distribution areas by implementing the use of motion sensors built into the fixtures.
In addition to the wattage reduction, Arcticlite fixtures introduce far less heat into your cold storage facility. HID fixtures burn very hot. Our T-5 fluorescent Arcticlite fixtures run up to 70% cooler than HID fixtures, which can result in an additional 12%-19% energy savings. .

Malitis-Trucks-150.jpg - 8133 Bytes Every penny you eliminate from your operating costs is extra profit dropping to the company's bottom line. PES makes that profit possible, and painless.

No matter what type of Food Production, Storage, or Distribution facility, PES has the energy efficient lighting solutions that will reduce your energy cost, maintenance cost, and improve your facility's productivity. PES offers a full line of Food Grade lighting products. If you are currently using metal halides, high pressure sodium, or T-12 fluorescent lighting, contact us today to discuss the opportunities.
  • Freezers
  • Refrigeration
  • Manufacturing
  • Clean Rooms

  • Warehouses
  • New Construction
  • Loading Docks
  • Food Processing

PES services and lighting products are available throughout North America

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Frozen Seafood Processor

Energy reduction: 64%

ROI: 1.4 Years

Light Levels:
Before 26 ft-cd
After 33 ft-cd

This well known frozen seafood processor was seeking opportunities to reduce their operations cost (and) improve their production environment.

This facility's existing lighting system consisted of 400-watt high pressure sodium fixtures in the freezers and 400 watt metal halides on the loading dock suspended at 24'. The freezer and dock operated three shifts 5 days per week. The existing High pressure sodium put out a very yellow light that dramatically reduced contrast and visibility. In addition, the high pressure sodium and halide fixtures burned very hot emitting a tremendous amount of heat into (the) facility.

Pacific Energy Solutions replaced the existing high pressure sodium fixtures in the freezers with our high output Arcticlite T-5 fluorescent fixtures one for one. The balance of the fixtures that were located on the loading dock, were equipped with motion sensors on two of the four lamps, further reducing the usage. In addition to the heat and wattage reduction, several by-products were achieved, including: a much safer work environment, higher productivity, and improved quality control. Maintenance cost were also reduced due to the old HID lamps being rated at 20,000 hours, and the new T-5's avg. rated life being 35,000 hours,

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